Natural Makeup for Men – How to Apply Foundation Flawlessly | Charlotte Tilbury

Discover Charlotte’s guide for natural-looking, subtle makeup and revolutionary skincare for men, featuring full-coverage, hydrating formulas with a natural matte finish. Effortlessly cover imperfections with Airbrush Flawless Foundation to look and feel your best every day or for special occasions. The revolutionary formula contains Magic MossCellTec™ No.1 to boost skin hydration by up to +216%* for a moisturised, smooth-looking complexion.

Follow Charlotte’s 5 step magic formula for complexion perfection!

* Tested on 30 men and women

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  1. naya 1993 says:

    The makeup makes him looks less masculine, and more feminine. Not that anything is wrong about men using make-up to get clearer skin, but most straight women wouldn’t want feminine men. There are also stigmas about men that using make-up are gays… Ijs 🤷‍♀️. And as far as I know, straight men don’t want to be called gay. What they need is skin care… I think.

  2. Aaron Bynum says:

    He was handsome turned him into an angel

  3. Loui Burke says:

    I’m actually confused how there are women on here calling out a guy for wearing makeup.. are they the first to tell a woman she needs it? So you can make adjustments but a man can’t? Okay because that’s totally fair…. 🙄

    Pretty certain we all have skin issues. And if we’re not confident about it then we have the right to do something about it. Including makeup!

    Skin is skin. Regardless of colour, gender etc.

    Grow up.

  4. Weng Wong says:

    Wrong shade sorry

  5. Nasoma NASOM says:

    No please

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